Interactive Panels

Displays, tablets, advertising panels aimed to monitor client needs and trends having functions of marketing research, advertising content management, profiling & promotion system and etc.

Advertising content management

Advertising is distributed from one central point to any devices in accordance with schedule of individual scenarios execution.

Marketing research

Effective way to conduct any complex marketing researches at all the branches of company at once.

Profiling + Promotion

Profiling customers with Q&A combined with promotional codes for discount in the store or any other gifts/prizes/bonuses.

Personnel education

System allows your personnel to have opportunity for remote education and certification.

Data processing

Wide range of statistical and analytical data is available in separate reports which can be sent on email daily.

Feedback page

Combining all necessary features interactive panels give opportunity to leave feedback of your customers in form of text as well.

Which tasks can be solved by Interactive Panels?

1 Targeted Q&A of exactly your customers

Interactive Panels give wider possibilities in terms of marketing research and advertising content management for any type of business. Main feature of direct delivery of your customers’ feedback stays the same as in Quality Buttons but “feels” a bit different.

2 Automation of marketing and advertising departments’ work

There is opportunity to create complex Q&A, conduct researches and marketing campaigns. You will receive full information regarding satisfaction and needs of your customers on a daily basis. You will be able to react and analyze negative feedbacks which you will get in reports.

3 Costs reduction

Our system allows to reduce marketing research costs giving possibility to test new products before their launch. Profiling & Promotion system and Feedback page give even more possibilities for you to get closer to your customers.