Loyalty Dashboard

Loyalty Dashboard systems (Quality Buttons) by ClickSmile are the systems of client service quality evaluation with maximum level of conversion into feedback reports.

Full-featured system

Quality Buttons are part of complete integrated systems allowing to have a complex solution for your business.

Wide range of configuration

Interactive buttons are represented in different sizes and configurations giving opportunity to choose the most suitable for your interior variant.

Ready for long-term loads

All components of the Quality Buttons are tested and aimed to serve in long-term period of time with repeated everyday loads.

Daily detailed reports

Integrated system provides detailed and easy to understand reports with answers of your customers for the questions asked.

Individual integration design

Quality Buttons can be smoothly incorporated in your products without a single stitch in accordance with your guidelines.

Precise customer feedback

The most reliable evaluation – at the point and moment upon service receiving (polls, SMS voting, calls and etc. will not give such a result).

Which tasks can be solved by Quality Buttons?

1 Targeted Q&A of exactly your customers

Our system solves the problem of direct delivery of your customers’ feedback. You don’t need mystery client service anymore, we will help to make marketing department life easier decreasing manual work load.

2 Automation of marketing department work

You will receive full information regarding satisfaction and needs of your customers on a daily basis. You will be able to react and analyze negative feedbacks which you will get in reports and if needed our system will inform you about it in SMS or email.

3 Costs reduction

Our system will substitute mystery client service as well as will allow to reduce marketing research costs giving possibility to test new products before their launch. You will have opportunity to launch interactive Q&A for your customers.