Special offer for restaurants and cafes

Managing any kind of restaurant, café or canteen you do care about your clients’ opinion. Our solution helps to solve the problem with your clients’ opinion monitoring.


What is usually used to gather feedback?

The easiest way is to ask the client straight a way if he liked your place or not. Usually is the question that waiters ask, but there are cases when your guest didn’t like the waiter or the opposite. Plus, sometimes guests are in hurry and have no time for questions and answers sessions.

Is hard to keep the client to ask several questions about food and service quality. Besides, in this case you have to rely on waiters’ responsibility which in most of the cases means that questionnaire is filled in by waiters themselves.

You can use mobile application. You will receive feedback straight from the client and also send out information about special offers. There are 2 problems here: not all guests use smartphone and is very hard to make someone download application and use it on everyday basis. Basically your client even having your application in the phone, will use it only when he/she needs it and not when you want.

You can also use Secret Shopper option. This method is good but cannot reveal systematical problems in quality or service. Experienced waiter can easily distinguish “controller” and “controllers’ always work in accordance with given criteria. Is good for methodical approach but bad from new ideas point of view.

When evaluation service quality is always better to start from the tasks that you need to solve. If your task is to check staff loyalty and service standards, then Secret Shopper will help. If you want to inform about special offers, then SMS and mobile application can cover this task. But if your goal is to gather fast and process fast clients’ feedback and react to this fast then we can help you here.

Is always better to receive feedback before your guest went outside. His/her opinion is mostly important at exactly this moment. In such situation you cannot really count on questionnaire or delegate this to the waiter. And this is exactly where our solution can help.

What we offer?

We offer you the system of feedback collection which is easy to use. Your guest only has to press the button and you immediately receive feedback in any scale you decide to assign (for example, from 1 to 5). You can also use more detailed systems of questions and answers.

Or system processes feedbacks online and you receive fresh information helping to react in accordance immediately not losing precious time.

Another advantage of our solution is that you receive data nonstop which helps you to control the process instead of sitting and waiting for results. There is also solution for situation when waiter presses the button instead of the client.

We have already launched several projects in canteens which means that our system is able to operate with heavy load of customers – any amounts of feedbacks are processed in real time.

We have also solved fraud problem so that you can be sure that feedback was left by client and not manager or waiter.

You don’t have to spend extra money and time to integrate our solution to existing IT infrastructure. There is no need for additional wires. Quality buttons and tablets don’t need any wires and system itself works without access to internal corporate infrastructure. This is why our solution is easy to install – typical configuration can be installed by your specialists in 2 hours.

If you are restaurant manager we doubt you can choose typical solutions. Contact us and we will help you because we have equipment for premium class places.

Any questions?

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