Staff Management

Solution for restaurants, cafes and etc. includes table interactive control panels with waiter call function as well as service quality evaluation allowing to solve any problem with customer at once.


Waiter performance tracking

Now you will know for sure how waiters perform thanks to all the data our system gathers and combines in daily reports and this data is 100% reliable.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Solution can be very simple or more complicated but the least thing you will have information about is how your restaurant (café, bar) is performing knowing you received information straight from your customers.

Market insights into customer demand

Using all the possibilities of our Staff Management System will give you opportunity to run marketing research helping to understand customer demands.

Better communication between customers, waiters and the kitchen

Waiters don’t need to run between tables and kitchen constantly asking people if they are ready. Customer calls waiter when he/she is ready to make an order/pay the bill and cook will call the waiter only when the dish is ready by simply pressing one button.

Running interactive polls & advertising scenarios on tablets, TV, etc.

Take as much as you can from our system – run advertising and polls while your clients are waiting for their orders and have nothing to do.

Staff management (waiters, administrators, cooks)

Our solution will help to bring much more order in managing interaction between your employees – waiters, administrators and cooks.

Which tasks can be solved by Staff Management System?

1 No more mystery clients need

If you ever used mystery client service you understand all the disadvantages connected with extra costs, subjective and usually worse than average opinion as well as ability of staff of the restaurant (bar, café) to recognize mystery clients. Our system solves all these problems.

2 Costs reduction

Staff Management System will decrease your costs on waiters (you will need less people with the same or higher level of service quality), on mystery client service, on management due to transparency of the system.

3 Staff management

Solution makes life of your employees much easier bringing up structure. Waiters run less, cooks are not disturbed all the time in kitchen and managers monitor everything from the screen and know immediately if something goes wrong having opportunity to solve any problem fast.

4 Customer satisfaction and average bill increase

Satisfied client is a happy client who will become loyal willing to come back to your restaurant (café, bar) again and again spending more money.